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Differintiate Caesarea Philipi ND Caesarea Maritima

Jesesus never visited 

Maritime. However pater and Paul did.

3 times
1. Place of Escape: When he came to Jerusalem  from Damascus after his defection from Judaism to the faith he persecuted, the Jews tried to kill him., but when the brothers learned about it, they took him down to Caesarea and sent him to Tarsus(Acts 9:26, 29-30)
2. A place of Prophecy: in the House of Philip, the evangelist, a prophet named Agabus prophesied that Paul will put under chains by the Jews in Jerusalem.believers tried to pursuance 
Paul not to go to Jerusalem but he said he was ready to die in Jerusalem for the sake of Christ.. After spending sometime there, they left for the mother city(Acts 21:10-16)
3. A place of safety: Paul later was taken to Caesarea in Chains but for personal safety from the Jerusalem Jews who wanted to kill him.(Acts23:23-34).

A place of waiting: He was kept under guard for two years.
During that waiting period, it becomes  a place of two trials
3.1 under governor Felix, who was well squinted with Jews law, the high priest Ananias and some elders from Jerusalem tried unsuccessfully to state their case against Paul.  Felix could not find anything wrong with Paul. Though he kept him under guard in prison, but with some freedom(24:1-23)
3.2 Trial under governor Festus. The Jews from Jerusalem again failed to prove their case against Paul. Festus wanted Paul to go and be tried in Jerusalem but knowing that the Jews would ambush and kill him on the way,ail appealed to to Ceaser(chapters 25,26). 


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