Holy Land, Kenya

Walk In The Steps Of Jesus Christ

Holy Land Kenya is a park of abundance

The Holy Land Kenya is a Bible theme park with sights that bring Bible stories in a factual style. You get to see the major places where Jesus visited in the 3 years of ministry. The park is in harmony with the gospels.

Biblical Youths Who Overcame Great Obstacles To Achieve Divine Destiny is a great corner for young people who feel this world is a big barrier in their divine path of destiny. You leave this place rejuvenated and ready to face your tomorrow with anticipation.

Walk In The Footsteps Of Jesus at Holy Land Kenya and experience the obscurity, popularity and adversity that characterised the mission of Jesus. All this is spiced up with miracles and his teachings. The walk is a replica of Jesus journey from birth in Bethlehem to ascension at Mt. Olives.

The 38 Parables Of Jesus are arranged in 7 simple categories to help you not only to recall them, but also to easily get the heavenly message carried in these earthly and ordinary stories.

At Meet The Women Of The Bible, stories of biblical women are carefully recreated to help you experience new and encouraging impact in your present life.

The Six Trials Of Jesus is an excellent Easter experience as you walk down the 'Via Dolorosa Way' and experience an enactment of Jesus carrying the cross to calvarly.

A prayer garden, a replica of the Garden of Gethsemane is on offer if you like agonising in joy of the experience. The clean, green grass under beautiful leaves and cool and calm atmosphere is excellent if you wish to reflect alone or as a group.

This 2.5 acre Holy Land Kenya Bible Theme Park is one and a half hours drive from Nairobi, Kenya along Thika Superhighway and 10 Minutes away from Sagana or Kagio town. It is an exclusive retreat centre that is accessible only to serious people strictly through booking.

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