Biblical Youths

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Youths In The Bible Who Overcame Obstacles To Achieve Divine Destiny

  • Luke :- Doctor of medicine who overcame racism
  • Moses :- Overcame obstacles of a single parenting home. Was a stammerer.
  • Ruth :- Did not despar even when things looked bleak
  • Mary :- Willingly became a teenage mother and raised the son of God.
  • Timothy :- Overcame a divided home, he became the christian leader of the church.
  • David :- Obscured and overlooked but sought God as a teen and never looked back.
  • Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego :- Ripped from their homeland, they refused to abandon their faith.
  • Daniel :- Ripped from home and forced to live in a culture that celbrated sensuality, greed and indulgence, Daniel stood tall for God.
  • Hagar :- Don't ever give up.
  • Joseph :- Overcame a dysfunctional home, beat sexual temptation.
  • Ester :- Her grace won the heart of the King and her courage saved her people.
  • Josiah :- Stood firm on ethics even thought he was raised in a non-believing home.
  • Rahab :- Left behind a checked red pas and embraced the grace of a loving God. She became part of Israel's History (Joshua 2)
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